DXC 2020 Postponed

New Dates to Come

DemocracyXChange will be postponed until Fall or early Winter. We all have a role to play in realizing a healthy democracy. At this time we want to ensure that we are doing our part to support public health through social distancing measures. We do not take this decision lightly and in fact view it as an act of responsible citizenship.

The values that bind and divide us.

Our shared values aren’t as clear-cut once they enter the messy world of politics where we are definitely not all in it together. Can we have progress when people or communities get left behind? Can we have national unity while working to preserve our country and land for future generations? Can we have a shared future when so few have so much more than the rest?

Join us at DemocracyXChange for 3 days of workshops, panels, speeches, artistic events, and discussions with people from across Canada and around the world who care about our democracy, and are putting in the hard work to make it better. Together, let’s make our politics as strong as the values and ties that bind us.


DemocracyXChange is the annual summit for Canada’s emerging democracy sector to connect, learn and share.

Globally, the indicators are clear. We are in the midst of a democratic recession that may seem endless. The opportunity to see this moment as ours to shape with a gathering focused on strengthening democracy and ground-up community change has never been more pressing. In an age of polarization, it’s more important than ever to connect across borders, political orientations, values and points of view.

From neighbourhood changemakers to thought leaders and national campaigners, DemocracyXChange is a meeting place for practitioners demonstrating the power of explicit engagement, technology and new ways of organizing to make change happen. 


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