To Trust Again: Building Resilient and Authentic Democratic Institutions

Track 1

9:30 am - 10:45 am

Panel Discussion

Resilience is not the absence of weakness, but the flexibility to respond to and adapt to challenges. When it comes to our democracy, trust is one of the elements required for producing responsive flexibility and resilience in our public institutions. If trust is weak, the capacities of the people who breathe life into our institutions are compromised. If it is too strong, the democratic foundations we value can quickly erode as a result of complacency and excessive deference to those institutions.

Join David Coletto (Abacus Data), Mike Morden (Samara Centre for Democracy), Tiffany Gooch (Toronto Star), Brittany Andrew-Amofah (Broadbent Institute) for a panel conversation moderated by Veronika Bylicki (CityHive). These panelists will take a strength-based approach and discuss examples, research and positive lessons that they hope will grow and continue shaping authentic and resilient democratic institutions.

Presented in partnership with the Ryerson Faculty of Arts, Samara Centre for Democracy and the Wosk J. Morris Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University.