Faith as a Vehicle for Dialogue: A View from the Hill

Track 1

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Panel Discussion

Millions of Canadians see their religious faith as an important part of their identity. Many are members of organized religious communities while others, although not affiliated with a particular tradition, have a belief in transcendent truth that shapes their deepest convictions and values. Religion helps to guide citizens to form communities and institutions that serve the public good. As Parliamentarians advance the complex task of promoting a common life that benefits all Canadians, faith can foster and promote better cross-party conversation.

To this end, a group of Parliamentarians from all political parties are coming together to create an All-Party Interfaith Caucus to promote dialogue between Members of Parliament, and serve as a forum for discussion with Canada’s diverse religious communities. Join Elizabeth May, Anthony Housefather, Garnett Genuis with moderator John Milloy and remarks Geoff Cameron for a conversation about how faith can have a positive role in public policy and the best way to engage the broader faith community.