Jennifer Wolowic

Jennifer Wolowic
  • Strengthening Canadian Democracy Project Manager
  • Company: SFU Centre for Dialogue

Jennifer is the project manager for the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University’s Strengthening Canadian Democracy Initiative. She brings 15 years of experience engaging marginalized communities including African American, First Nations, and LGBTQ communities to the initiative. A diverse range of experiences in research, film production, and event organizing compliments her social science background. Her Interdisciplinary PhD in Anthropology and Media means she tends to see the world though the practices, beliefs, knowledge, and technology humans use to connect. Jennifer is an avid storyteller who advocates for optimism in every democratic conversation and action.

Democracy According to Jennifer Wolowic

Why did you get involved with DemocracyXChange?

SFU Centre for Dialogue is a Co-Sponsor of DxC 2020.

When did you first start to care about democracy?

Grade 8 when I had an amazing history teacher.

What democracy book/article/podcast/show/movie has had an impact on you during the pandemic?

The movie Irresistible by John Stewart. I fear Canada is headed that way.

Who should attend DemocracyXChange and why?

Those who look around and feel something is wrong and need to be reminded of the strength of Canada’s democracy. Who need to identify what strengths we have and learn more about how we make those strengths stronger and better able to fit the wants and needs of all.

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