Darcy Belisle

Darcy Belisle
  • Advisor, Lawyer
  • Company: The Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion, York University

Democracy According to Darcy Belisle

Why did you get involved with DemocracyXChange?

I got involved to support the creation of space for Indigenous voices in conversations about democracy. Democracy is a system of powers that strives to influence all subjects of colonial states. It’s critical that this narrative be interrupted and decolonized.

When did you first start to care about democracy?

Growing up on the north shore of Lake Superior exposed me to the injustices that folks experience in the near- and far-North of Ontario due to limited opportunities to be meaningfully heard from the lower rungs of trickle-down impacts of southern democratic decision-making. There’s no pinpoint for me, but this sense has driven me along many paths.

What democracy book/article/podcast/show/movie has had an impact on you during the pandemic?

The text is fluid, but the stories I see of the resilience of Black, Indigenous, racialized, Queer and Black-allied communities that continue to take action against anti-Black racism in the context of a pandemic that’s amplifying long-existing harms have had an enormous and ongoing impact on me.

Who should attend DemocracyXChange and why?

The DemocracyXChange will change anyone who attends. Certainly, those who are involved in progressive democratic change will learn a lot. Perhaps, though, those will learn the most are those of us who don’t have or otherwise take opportunities (myself included) to learn from leading thinkers on the overt and subtle influences of electing power and authority over us.