Akaash Maharaj

Akaash Maharaj
  • CEO, Mosaic Institute

Akaash Maharaj is CEO of Mosaic Institute, and leads its work strengthening pluralism within societies and peace between states. Mosaic brings together people, communities, and nations, to foster mutual understanding and to resolve conflicts.

He also serves as Ambassador-at-Large for the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption, and has addressed the United Nations on international prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity.

Outside of his professional life, he is a national athlete for Canada, and was a triple gold medallist at the International Championships of Equestrian Skill‑at‑Arms.

Akaash earned his Master of Arts from Oxford University, and was the first overseas student elected President of the student government in Oxford’s history. He completed additional studies at the Sorbonne Universitê and the United Nations University.

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