DXC Festival: Massey College Written by DXC on October 9, 2020

Festival Session:
Promoting Democracy Abroad


Thursday, October 22 at 12:00-1:00pm


The context for the 2020 DemocracyXChange is the growing threat to democratic forces, norms and institutions around the world. Successive Canadian governments, parliamentary committees and task forces abroad have championed democracy promotion; however Canada has yet to mount a major foreign policy thrust in this area.

  1. With democratic norms under threat around the world is now the time for Canada to step up? Should democracy promotion figure more prominently in Canadian international policy?
  2. What roles could Canada and Canadians play?
    • a) Should Canada focus on certain geographies or issues?
    • b) Should Canada work in alliance with other democracies? With civil society actors?
  3. How best can Canada’s democracy promotion efforts be advanced?


During this webinar session on Promoting Democracy Abroad, we will hear from leading Canadian experts with extensive experience in the field of democracy promotion – on the ground, in government, and in research.

The conversation will be moderated by Margaret Biggs – Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy, Queen’s University.

Our Panelists will be:

Grant Kippen – Chief Electoral Advisor for United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

Jennifer Welsh – Canada 150 Research Chair in Global Governance and Security, Director of the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies, McGill University.

Tom Axworthy – Public Policy Chair, Massey College.

Full event details can be found here.

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