DXC Festival: Institut du Nouveau Monde Written by DXC on October 9, 2020

Festival Session:
Regards sur le vivre ensemble


Monday, October 19 at 11 – 11:45am ET


This workshop is an opportunity to contrast the different visions of what we call «Vivre ensemble» or «peaceful coexistence» found across the various provinces and territories of Canada.

More concretely, we propose a participatory workshop that will lead participants to reflect on the values and norms that structure peaceful coexistence in their respective social context.

The workshop will be animated by three committed young people who participated in last year’s drafting of a youth opinion on «Vivre ensemble» which was presented to the Ministère de l’Immigration, de l’Intégration et de la Francisation.

The objective of this workshop is to highlight that there is no final and unique definition of «vivre ensemble». It is an evolving and variable concept depending on the context.

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The INM is an independent and non-partisan organization whose ambition is to increase citizen participation in democratic life.

The INM’s work encourages citizen participation and contributes to the development of civic skills, the strengthening of social ties and the enhancement of democratic institutions. The INM team is driven by the conviction that citizen participation strengthens democracy.

Founded in 2004, the INM is the 2005 recipient of the Quebec government’s Claire Bonenfant Award for democratic values and civic education. Every summer, the MNI organizes a Citizenship School for youth (this activity was designated in 2010 as one of the three best practices in civic education in Canada by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and is recognized by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO). The idea for the Institut du Nouveau Monde dates back to the spring of 2003 and came from a group of academics.

inm.qc.ca/ institutdunouveaumonde