DXC Festival: Holy Climate Action, Batman! – Building Consensus through eDemocracy in Gotham City Written by DXC on October 9, 2020

Festival Session:
Holy Climate Action, Batman! – Building Consensus through eDemocracy in Gotham City


Come with Ethelo and eDemocracy Solutions (and Batman!) to look at how online democracy technology can help align communities, and empower them to make better decisions, together. We’ll take you through an online public engagement to design a municipal climate plan using Ethelo’s unique algorithm. We will demonstrate how climate plans and other big government decisions such as budgets can be created in a way that not only involves a broad spectrum of society (including traditionally underrepresented groups), but can be used as a tool to educate, inform, and get unified public support on important policy decisions. So set up your Batsignal and let’s save democracy together.

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eDemocracy Solutions is the non-profit charitable sister organization to Ethelo Decisions. We use Ethelo’s unique platform (a patented algorithm, which empowers groups of any size to make smart, effective decisions, quickly and equitably and ensures fairness and inclusion in our engagements) to take on some of the society’s most pressing issues, including climate change, racial injustice, and healthcare crises, just to name a few.

We provide resources such as webinars, blogs, case studies and research, all of which address public engagement best practices, as they intersect with larger societal issues.

We are an organization with a swiftly growing membership base of individuals who are passionate about making democracy better, and reinforcing the notion that the only way we can overcome injustice is by listening to one another. It is these individuals who make up Ethelo’s Citizens’ Panels, provide us with support, vote on our Big Questions, and shape which issues both Ethelo and eDemocracy Solutions put their time and energy towards.

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