DXC Festival: Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) Written by DXC on October 15, 2020

Festival Session:
Steps to Justice: Information is Power!


Thursday, October 22 at 2 – 2:30pm


People encounter the law in the midst of their everyday activities — renting an apartment, dealing with their employer about paid leave, managing a family relationship breakdown — and questions and problems relating to the law frequently arise. In Ontario, people can find practical information that explains the law clearly and gives actionable “next steps” on CLEO’s Steps to Justice and Justice pas-à-pas.

On those sites, people can also find “Guided Pathways” that help them complete legal forms and documents, including 40 family courts pathways, and pathways that lead to the completion of powers of attorney for personal care and property.

In this session we will tour Steps to Justice to see how to find information to help people with problems relating the law.

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