DXC Festival: Centre for Mindfulness Studies Written by DXC on October 2, 2020

Festival Session:
Transforming Society through Mindfulness and Social Justice


Wednesday, October 21 at 12:00 – 1:00pm


A commitment to social justice asks us to ask the hard questions, engage in hard conversations, do our own work of unlearning oppression, and create more empowering and supportive ways of relating to each other. Mindfulness helps us regulate our emotions and behaviours, develop compassion for other people, and respond more intentionally to any given moment. It offers skill sets that are particularly vital to anti-oppression work. Join us for this free panel workshop that will explore how integrating mindfulness into social justice movements can help us speak truth to power in a more relational, empathic, and reflective voice.


  • Tita Angangco – Co-founder of the Centre for Mindfulness Studies and Board Director.
  • Ronit Jinich – Lead Facilitator & Manager of Education at Mindfulness Without Borders & Therapist in private practice working at the interface of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
  • Kunal Gupta – CEO of Polar, a digital media technology provider for the world’s largest publishers and agencies and Mindfulness practitioner
  • Tracy Cocks – Director, Community Programs for the Center for Mindfulness Studies
  • Dru Oja Jay – Writer, organizer, and long-time activist on climate issues, labour struggles and international solidarity.

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The Centre for Mindfulness Studies is a charitable social enterprise founded in 2011 in downtown Toronto. It is the leading professional development and service delivery organization for mindfulness-based interventions in Canada.